CAMP Alpinist Tech, automatic

Technical 11-pointed crampons made of chromed steel suitable for alpinism, climbing in ice and in mixes.... more
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SKU: 2680C  |  EAN: 8005436119267  |  Manufacturer: Lifesystems
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The sophisticated asymmetric design of the entire cat exactly copies the modern curvature of the shoes and thus they are maximally adherent to every shoe. CAMP Alpinist Tech cats are the lightest technical cats in the CAMP offer. The front aggressive tip is complemented by a secondary front point for increased stability and support on hard snow or mixed terrain. Thanks to the steel connecting bridge with a special adjustment micro system, the legs can be easily adjusted to the desired length of the shoe in size 36-48 (EU). The steel bridge is firmly connected to the heel, so it ensures maximum rigidity between the heel and the front of the cat. The entire skeleton is made of first-class chrome steel, which perfectly absorbs energy in every stress point of the cat. The CAMP Alpinist Tech comes with automatic fastening as a base, but with the help of the CAMP Semi-Auto Toe Bails (code 2453C) and the CAMP Semi-Auto Heel Bails (code 2450C) you can also attach the crampons to a classic boot. These accessories are sold separately. For an even more precise adjustment of the cat, the front shoe bar has 3 positions, which ensures an optimal fit. The heel fastening, which has 2 positions, can be adjusted in the same way. The heel clip itself has 3 height levels available for maximum shoe fit. Snow ejectors are part of the boots, which prevent snow from accumulating on the sole of the shoe.
Manufacturer: Lifesystems
EAN: 8005436119267
Product Weight: 0,1 kg

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