Men’s T-shirt Chillaz Rope dark red

The Rope men's t-shirt is a great choice for activities such as rock climbing or for casual wear around town. Its sustainability and comfort will ensure that you feel good whether you are active on the wall or simply walking through the city.... more
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SKU: CH2024951  |  Manufacturer: Chillaz
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Thanks to the combination of materials from TENCEL™ fibers, cotton and Lycra, the Rope+ men's t-shirt is ideal both for climbing on the wall and for wearing in the city. Its ability to regulate humidity and prevent the growth of bacteria adds another layer of practicality and comfort.
Manufacturer: Chillaz
Suitable for: Pánské
Activity: Hiking, Trekking, City
Material: 61% cotton, 16% Modal (TENCEL™), 13% Lyocell (TENCEL™), 10% elastane (Lycra®)
Product Weight: 0,2 kg

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