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A multipurpose rappel/belay device made from a hot forged light allow... more
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A multipurpose rappel/belay device made from a hot forged light allow. It has two holes, ideal for positioning the anchor, for attaching the lanyard for abseiling, rope manoeuvres and various rescue operations.

  • The new design with vertical slots, with an increased dimension, allows for easy insertion of the rope and an optimum flow of the rope both in the phase of recovery and abseiling.
  • Ideal for rescue operations, such as the lowering of loads or difficult recoveries with static and dynamic ropes with large diameters up to 12mm.
  • It allows independent recovery and independent self-locking of one or two climbers and abseiling, keeping the ropes parallel and separate.
  • It can be used with single dynamic ropes, half ropes, dynamic twin ropes and static ropes;
  • weight: 67 g
Manufacturer: Climbing Technology
Diameter: 7,0 - 12mm
EAN: 8056734837919
Product Weight: 0,1 kg

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