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The minimalist 27 mm wide ferrata shock absorber is hidden in a compact package, which ensures easy portability and low weight.... more
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SKU: SINC2319YB00  |  EAN: 8595033360082  |  Manufacturer: Singing Rock
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The minimalist 27mm wide ferrata damper is hidden in a compact package, which ensures easy portability and low weight. Designed for children and adults weighing 40-120 kg.

Ergonomically shaped carabiners with a wear indicator for easy operation. Possibility of unseated or fixed securing with a strength of 12 kN.

  • Maximum braking length: 210 cm.
  • Easy tying: 12 mm loop with twist for easy attachment to harness.
  • Length range: 70 cm after connecting to the harness, with the possibility of extension up to 110 cm.
  • Durable packaging: The shock absorber is covered with a durable packaging to increase the service life.
  • Tested for Durability: The 15mm wide flexible arms are cycled with a minimum of 50,000 stretch and shrink cycles.
Manufacturer: Singing Rock
EAN: 8595033360082
Product Weight: 0,4 kg

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