Pietra di Luna: Bouldering in Sardinia

First complete guide to bouldering in Sardinia... more
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Pietra di Luna: Bouldering in Sardinia is the first complete guide to bouldering on this popular island - the guide covers 31 areas / sectors both on the coast and inland. The guide is illustrated with a great selection of detailed colour photo-topos and there's a good selection of action shots which give an acurate flavour of each area covered. In English throughout, the guide also has sections on the bouldering ethics, the best time to visit and climbing style(s) of the island plus loads of other useful general information for the visiting climber.
Manufacturer: Fabula
Edition: 1
Binding: Měkký
Size: 150 x 210 mm
EAN: 9788889661451
Published Date: 2022
Language: English, Italian
No of Pages: 232
Author: Filippo Manca, Maurizio Oviglia and Giorgio Soddu
Product Weight: 0,4 kg

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