Book Climb Smarter: Mental Skills and Techniques for Climbing

Mental Training for Peak Perfermance and optimal Experience... more
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We all know that climbing is a headgame, and many climbers recognise that their mindset is holding them back. But what psychological skills do you need for climbing, and how do you develop them? If you have ever wanted to learn how to climb with more confidence, to learn how to stick to a training plan, or to understand how to tap into flow, then this book is for you

Split into three sections, covering getting started on a mental skills training programme, fixing problems in your climbing caused by anxiety, and finessing your mental skills, this book provides clear explanations and practical exercises to improve your mindset for climbing. You ll learn to analyse your mental strengths and weaknesses, set effective goals, change habits, overcome fear of falling, fear of failing, fear of injury and social anxieties affecting climbers performance. Chapters on confidence, focusing skills, imagery and visualisation, and problem solving and creativity in your climbing are all written in a practical and easy to understand format, so you can incorporate these skills into your climbing training.

There is also a section on mental wellbeing for climbers, with hints and tips on healthy perfectionism, as well as mental health. This book draws on the latest in climbing and sport psychology research, and translates it into practical accessible ideas and exercises for climbers at all levels of the sport.

Manufacturer: Sequoia Books
Size: 152 x 229 mm
EAN: 9781914110146
Published Date: 2022
No of Pages: 260
Language: English
Product Weight: 0,4 kg

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