133 selected hikes and ascents to the west of the Adige Valley - South Tyrol... more
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An impressive effort, this is a dream book for those who love summit ascents: 283 itineraries have been chosen from the most beautiful and imposing peaks of 43 mountain groups, divided into two volumes.

The first volume is dedicated to the western valleys, and describes 133 ascents picked from 19 mountain groups to the west of the Adige valley: Sesvenna Group, Venoste and Passirie Alps, Tessa Group, Alpi Breonie di Ponente, The Sarentino Mountains, Ortles Group, Gavia Group, Cevedale Group, Maddalene Chain, Mendola Chain, Adamello Group, Presanella Group, Brenta Group, Cadria Group, Garda Mountains, Dolomiti Bresciane, Tremalzo Group, Monte Baldo and Pizzocolo Group.

All the itineraries described have been selected for their beautiful views and for their difficulty. Few itineraries offer mountaineering difficulties higher than II grade, but not all the ascents are just hikes: some require a good knowledge of progressing on glaciers, the use of a ferrata set as well as being able to scramble on rocks. Finally; there are opportunities for almost all seasons: in both volumes we find itineraries which run along the Alpine Arc with high altitude and ice, to be tackled during summer time, as well as itineraries which lie in mountain groups closer to the Po Valley, therefore possible to visit late autumn or even during dry winters.

Diego Filippi, born in 1967 and lives in Trento. Mountain Guide and member of the Giorgio Graffer Alpinism school, where he took part in the climbing courses as a youngster. Ever since that course he has never stopped climbing mountains. Expert on the Sarca Valley, he has published the guidebook Arco Walls for Versante Sud, which has reached its fourth edition. He has always loved exploring and frequenting the South Tyrol mountains looking for the best itineraries and ridges. He especially loves the Tessa group and the Vedrette di Ries, where he has climbed many peaks.

Fabrizio Rattin, born in 1990, Fabrizio lives in Fiera di Primiero. Technical member of the Trentino mountain rescue team and safety supervisor of A.I.NE.VA (Snow and avalanche association). Eclectic lover of exploring mountains in all their guises, as well as having opened many climbing routes on his home mountains such as Lagorai and Pale di San Martino. He loves climbing the more solitary and unknown peaks, especially in the Cimonega groups and Monti del Sole, as well as inventing new ski mountaineering routes each winter.

Manufacturer: Versante Sud
Published Date: 2022
EAN: 9788855470926
Size: 3 × 15 × 21 cm
No of Pages: 608
Country: Italy
Language: English
Author: Diego Filippi, Fabrizio Rattin
Product Weight: 0,8 kg

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