Climbing guide Dickes B: Climbing and bouldering Berlin - Brandenburg

All possible and impossible climbs in Prussia... more
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SKU: DICKESB  |  EAN: 9783948622084  |  Manufacturer: Geoquest
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The climbing guide describes all possible and impossible climbs in Prussia. The world has never seen such a guide: climbing bunkers, bridges, ruins, climbing towers and boulders.

And in the very south, the only natural climbing rock in the state of Brandenburg. In addition to detailed topos, there are stories about the individual locations and extensively researched background information on 448 pages. All climbing and bouldering halls are also described.

Lots of photos and comics make you want to browse through them and smile. The comprehensive range of maps makes orientation child's play.

A modern climbing and bouldering guide like no other!

Manufacturer: Geoquest
Published Date: 2023
Size: A5
EAN: 9783948622084
No of Pages: 448
Author: Gerald Krug
Country: Germany
Language: English, German
Product Weight: 0,7 kg

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