Climbing guide Eastern SARDINIA Crags - english version

Sport climbing on the east coast of Sardinia... more
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Baronia, Oliena, Gonone, Baunei, Jerzu, Ulassai and Quirra - The eastern part of Sardinia for years has been known for the quantity and quality of its rock.

But above all, the last ten years have seen an impressive growth in the amount of crags, especially in Ogliastra. And at the same time, re-bolting old routes and a renewed focus on the ‘classic’ sectors by various climbers is helping to make the island one of the most popular and interesting destinations in the Mediterranean basin in terms of sports climbing, as well as the beauty of the places and the rock.

Richard Felderer I was born in Monza in 1970, and for as long as I can remember everyone has always called me Riky. In 1987, I discovered climbing thanks to the Rondo dei Pini climbing gym in Monza, where an exuberant Eugenio Podio had glued a few holds on the wall, creating one of the first indoor climbing gyms in Italy. Shortly afterwards, a friend and I bought some gear and began discovering the vertical world, a passion that radically changed my existence. In fact, my work as a photographer and journalist developed almost immediately in the field of outdoor sports, and mainly in vertical sports in the last 20 years. Work and passion allow me to live the mountains with intensity, and as well as winning a few awards and honours, I am also part of the Ragni di Lecco, which I consider an incredible honour and to whom I owe so much. I have collaborated and still work with the most important magazines and companies in the climbing sector, including Versante Sud, for over 20 years. In 2016, together with my better half, I left Milan and moved to Sardinia, to be more precise to Lotzorai, where I run a bed and breakfast. Apart from climbing regularly with local friends and taking photos, I spend most of my time bolting crags and multi pitch routes. In the past few years I have really enjoyed coaching a small team of young climbers.

Manufacturer: Versante Sud
Binding: Měkká
Size: 150mm x 210mm
EAN: 9788855471466
Published Date: 2024
No of Pages: 480
Country: Italy
Language: English
Author: Richard Felderer
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