Climbing guide Franken 2: Northern Frankenjura

Rock climbing guide in the southern part of North Frankenjura ... more
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This is a comprehensive guide covering the southern half of the Frankenjura climbing area with 909 crags and over 14,300 routes .

The following main climbing areas are included:

Unteres Trubachtal • Walberla • Todsfelder Tal • Oberes Trubachtal • Bärnfels • Betzenstein • Spies • Plech • Sittenbachtal • Pegnitz • Krottenseer Forst • Königstein • Neuhaus • Hartenstein • Pegnitztal • Hirschbachtal • Etzelbachtal • Förrenbachtal • Högenbachtal • Lauterachtal • Forellenbachtal • Neumarkt

A detailed location map, detailed access information and GPS coordinates are available for each area. All paths are shown in detailed topos. At the beginning of the guide is a comprehensive summary of the area, showing the number of paths in each stage along with the access time

This guide was published in April 2024 (revised 3rd edition) by Gebro Verlag, is in German and English and contains many excellent action photos.

Manufacturer: Gebro Verlag
Published Date: 2024
Edition: 3
Size: 150 x 210 mm
EAN: 9783938680544
No of Pages: 832
Country: Germany
Author: Ulrich and Harald Röker
Language: English, German
Product Weight: 1,1 kg

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