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Sport climbing and multi-pitch routes in Finale Ligure... more
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Wild, harsh and featuring an exceptional landscape, Finale and its hinterland are magical and unique: white limestone cliffs that emerge from the luxuriant and deep green vegetation where it is easy to get lost without a guidebook, rocky terraces that suddenly open up the horizon with backdrops that often end with the sea.

The Finale area is a place to explore: even today, after 30 years of climbing and hiking, still leaves room for adventure for climbers, trekkers and bikers… and for anyone who wants to head off into the valleys.

In the Sixties, still wearing mountaineering boots, a few mountaineers discovered the vertical dimension of Finale. Since then many bolters, climbers, authors and photographers have turned Finale into one of the most important climbing destinations in the world.

This third edition of Thomas’ guidebook adds, after only 5 years, 21 crags, some new and some recovered, and it has been realised with the latest technology: aerial photos of the walls, QR codes with videos of the main crags, QR codes with GPS co-ordinates to reach the parking areas, GPS tracks for all the approaches, so that the paths hidden in the dense Finale woods can be found.

Manufacturer: Versante Sud
Published Date: 2022
EAN: 9788855470834
Binding: Měkká
No of Pages: 792
Country: Italy
Language: English
Author: Marco “Thomas” Tomassini
Product Weight: 1,0 kg

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