Climbing guide Leonidio Climbing Guidebook 2023

Perfect destination for climbing in Greece... more
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Situated on the Mediterranean coast of the Peloponnese peninsula, surrounded by beautiful rock formations, the small town of Leonidio is a perfect destination for climbing in Greece. There are many reasons to consider Leonidio as 'the new Kalymnos' but the local climbing cooperative, who have published this guidebook, present the area with its own history and unique qualities.

There are more than 40 introduction pages describing the area, climate, wildlife, how to get there, accommodation, suggestions for rest days, access to crags and the history of climbing around Leonidio. The photo-topos cover over 950 bolted climbing routes across more than 50 sectors. All text is in English.

  • Author: Panjika Cooperative
  • No of Pages: 216
  • Page Size: 150 x 210 mm
  • ISBN 13: 0700461112327
  • Publisher: Panjika Syn.Pe
  • Published Date: October 2016
  • Edition: 1st ed: Oct 2016
  • Binding: Paperback (flapped)
  • Illustrations: Colour photo-topos and action shots
  • Weight: 440g
Manufacturer: Panjika Syn.Pe
Published Date: 2023
Size: 150 x 210 mm
No of Pages: 480
Author: Panjika Cooperative
Language: English
Country: Greece
Product Weight: 0,9 kg

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