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Belay set, which includes the BE UP belay and HMS carabiner CONCEPT SGL.... more
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SKU: 2K657A5W2CT0STD  |  EAN: 8057733309537  |  Manufacturer: Climbing Technology
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The intuitive and easy-to-use belay BE UP has a modular braking system that optimizes braking with all types of ropes and enables automatic blocking and independent belaying of two co-climbers.

For use with 7.3-9.0mm diameter double or half dynamic ropes.

For use with a single dynamic rope with a diameter of 8.5-10.5 mm.

CONCEPT SGL carabiner - Light HMS bolt-on carabiner with ACL system (steel feather to prevent overturning of the carabiner) made of light alloy, hot forged.

Longitudinal load capacity (main axis): 23 kN

Lateral load capacity (minor axis): 10 kN

Longitudinal load capacity when the lock is open: 7 kN

Size: 105x73mm

Manufacturer: Climbing Technology
Diameter: 7,3 - 10,5mm
Activity: Indoor jam, Sport climbing, Iceclimbing, Mountaineering, Mountain
EAN: 8057733309537
Product Weight: 0,0 kg

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