Climbing guidebook Berchtesgaden Ost

Climbing guide Berchtesgaden East – sometimes it’s possible without Watzmann... more
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A dark web of legends surrounds the Untersberg, where Emperor Karl is said to be waiting for his resurrection.

Fortunately, sport climbers, recreational climbers, mountaineers, via ferrata hikers, cave explorers, skiers and nature lovers do not have to wait that long to have fun, because the activities on the almost 2000 meter high massif are enormous.

The climbing on the Hoher Göll is also highly praised, mainly because of its enormous west face, which has been a destination for climbers for almost 100 years. The excellent rock, the wild scenery high above the fantastic Endstal valley and, last but not least, the short approach make the Göll west face a top area for alpine climbers.

Many sport climbing routes of lower and medium grades have been set up in the slab walls of the Hoher Brett, especially in recent years. The south-facing orientation, the generally good protection and the less steep terrain compared to the Göll west face make the walls on the Hoher Brett a popular destination for recreational climbers.

Manufacturer: Panico
Edition: 2
Binding: měkká
Size: 115 x 185
EAN: 9783956111709
Published Date: 2023
No of Pages: 360
Country: Germany, Austria
Author: Georg Sojer, Richard Koller
Language: German
Product Weight: 0,7 kg

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