Climbing guide Frankenjura Band 1 2024 + aplikace IOS a Android

Frankenjura Volume 1 - 2024 edition... more
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This guide to the top climbing area in the republic - the Franconian Jura - is already in its 13th edition (status of new tours = April 2024).

Like the eleven previous editions, which were highly praised by all climbing magazines, the guide has been very carefully researched. With precise access descriptions and area maps as well as detailed topos, guide author Sebastian Schwertner sheds light on the Franconian undergrowth.

Over 6500 routes are presented on 608 pages. In addition to a few corrections, QR codes of the starting points have been added in addition to the GPS coordinates of the rocks and all associated parking spaces or starting points. After all, you want to climb and not play rock search.

Areas described: Leinleitertal, Wiesenttal, Gößweinstein, Püttlachtal, Weihersbachtal, Klumpertal, Ailsbachtal, Paradiestal, Kaiserbachtal, Scheßlitzer areas, Staffelberg, Kleinziegenfelder Tal, Bärental and the Zillertal!

These fine ingredients are garnished with delicious climbing photos by Johannes Ingrisch, Frank Kretschmann, Karsten Oelze, Jörg Zeidelhack and many more.

The guide includes a download code for a free application for iOS and Android that is valid for three years. If you have any questions about the app, please contact the Vertical-Life team directly.

Manufacturer: Panico
Edition: 13
Size: 148 x 185 mm
EAN: 9783956111884
Published Date: 2024
No of Pages: 608
Country: Germany
Language: German
Author: Sebastian Schwertner
Product Weight: 1,0 kg

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